Benn Venn Drop In Back-lit Replacement LCD For The Nintendo Game Boy Color - Glass Fitting

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Thank you for purchasing our custom made glass screen lens for Benn Venn's NEW drop-in replacement LCD for the Nintendo Game Boy Color


Here are a few instructions and installation tips to help you.



  1. Please be careful when handling the glass lens - UV printed glass is sensitive to damage on the edges that can cause the print to bubble or lose its adhesion to the glass surface. If this happens to you - press gently with your finger to minimise the effect.
  2. Take care to ensure that the inner surface of the glass is free from dust or fingerprints. Before installation, gently clean with a microfibre or glasses cloth. The adhesive is pressure sensitive and once it has been applied you will not be able to remove it without damaging the print.


  1. Install the BennVenn LCD as per his instructions or Kyle's YouTube tutorial.
  2. Once the LCD is installed. Remove the “CENTRE” part of the adhesive film on the back so that you can now see through the glass.
  3. Test fit - place the glass lens into the space on the front shell to check the LCD alignment. The new LCD should be placed at the very top of the LCD inner frame.
  4. When you are happy with the alignment clean the glass, remove the adhesive cover and apply to the console being careful not to let any dust in.




There are at least 3 different GBC shell moulds out there:


ORIGINAL: Made by Nintendo - these are the best quality, clean them up and keep them in use!

TYPE A: Are almost a perfect reproduction of the original Nintendo mould and come in a wide variety of colours.

TYPE B: This is also a good reproduction, but has some telltale signs - the most obvious is that the Nintendo logo on the front is quite different. Several colours are only available in this type, such as GREY and WHITE. It has no recessed part to the screen surround and is a lot thicker in that area. 


All 3 of these shells have a very slightly different screen placement. To get the “PERFECT” alignment of the new LCD you may need to remove these 2 parts of the LCD frame:

This will allow you to move the LCD up just the right amount to get the perfect alignment. In our experience, it won't need more than 1mm of adjustment no matter which shell type you have. Once the shell is screwed shut it will hold the LCD in place.


If you would like any further help or have any issues, please get in touch via email at



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