Game Boy Advance IPS Centering Bracket

New Game Boy Advance IPS Centering Bracket

Game Boy Advance IPS LCD Bracket *** V1 KITS ONLY***

This is our IPS 3d printed centering bracket. Designed to be the ultimate bracket for this mod unlike other more simple ones out there.

This bracket comes in black only

What does it do:

  • It holds the IPS screen in a central position
  • Allows the IPS ribbon (bottom right) some room to be connected and is free to move
  • Has a cut out to allow breathing room for the electronics on the ribbon
  • It replaces the area for the trigger spring when this is lost during the trimming process top right
  • Can be used for 40pin or 32pin
  • Come with pre applied 3m adhesive for applying to the back of the LCD

It is available here to purchase or it is free to download on Thingyverse  to print yourself if you have a 3d printer or know someone that has.

I would recommend making the connection between the ribbon and LCD before you stick down the bracket as its a fiddly little thing. Once connected lay the ribbon down and apply the bracket to the LCD

  • £5.00

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