Game Boy DMG 102

Game Boy DMG 102

    What is the DMG 102..?

In the simplest of terms is the Game Boy Advance SP console made to fit inside the Classic Game Boy shell. It will play Game boy, Color and Advance games while still looking like the original.

Some of the features:

  • Full colour backlit screen
  • Rechargeable battery 
  • Link Port
  • Micro or USB C charging

To get more technical about things. It is a GBA SP console that has been fully desoldered in order to attached it to one of our customs PCBs that fit inside the DMG shell, along with some 3d printed parts and brackets is makes it a hot glue free build with minimal wires

The PCB includes things like a charging module, amplifier, LEDs, cart slot, volume wheel, link port, rear triggers and  USB charging port

The advantage for having everything mounted on a PCB is that it vastly reduces the amount of wires, soldering and hot glue in the build. Which hopefully makes them more reliable and makes the whole install much cleaner.

It will charge a Litium Polymer battery from the TP charge module either 2000mAh or 4500mAh battery

    THE PRO!!!

The PRO version includes everything above but with the added touch of a NEO GEO POCKET joystick instead of the original Dpad. If you have ever used one of these joysticks you will know the feel and know how nice the clicky sounds is from the micro switches 

This is something that we have been developing over many months, it is based on the original NGP stick but adapted to fit the console and PCB. It consists of resin prints, custom cast parts and also a spring that I have to alter to get things working

The joystick has been a pain in the backside to develop over many months and lots of money spend on various revisions to get things just right... Please don't ask me for my model or the parts that I use I've spent far to much time and money to go giving it away right now...SORRY

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Game Boy DMG-102 Out Of Stock

Game Boy DMG-102

The Game Boy DMG-102This is by far the ultimate Game Boy, plays GB, GBC and GBA game all on a backli..


Game Boy DMG-102 PRO Out Of Stock

Game Boy DMG-102 PRO

The Game Boy DMG-102 PROThis is by far the ultimate Game Boy, plays GB, GBC and GBA game all on a ba..