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Digital Mulitmeter

Digital Mulitmeter

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Digital Multimeter with leads

Now over the years I've owned a few multimeters, cheap ones, expensive ones, auto ranging etc. They all do similar things, some have more "features" then others but some of these annoy the hell out of me. However, i always go for my cheapest multimeter first....! everytime!

Why is that?

Well the cheap mulimeters like this one, do everything the Game Boy modder needs, does it well and simply. Its no frills, but i love them.
For a modder you need mainly 2 features: continuity testing with a beep and also 2v or 20v DC. That's almost all you need.

The things i like about these multimeters:
  • They are cheap, if you drop them or spill acetone on them they are easily replaced. Not the end of the world
  • They do what you need them to do and also don't break the bank. DC volts and Continuity
  • They have a "beep" when testing continuity which saves you looking
  • The back light is off on switch on, so it doesn't drain the battery
  • The biggest thing for me is they don't auto power off. That's one reason i hate my more expensive ones. Your half way through testing and it powers down
So there we go, my opinions on multimeters

This mulitmeter comes with:
  • Leads
  • Battery
  • Chinglish instructions (not needed)
  • They do a lot more than i have mentioned but for us modders we don't need to know about that stuff

It does not come in a case but you could pick one up cheap enough

It also does NOT INCLUDE A 9V BATTERY. This is due to shipping regulations but these are easily purchase from a local store

They are all tested and working before i ship them out as well so they all work,
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